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Home Water Filters And Purifiers - A Cost Effective Alternative To Bottled Water

Home water filters and water purifiers are an extremely cost effective alternative to bottled water. Water is an important part of everyday life, but a part that is all too often overlooked. The quality of water we drink, bathe in, and cook with has a big impact on taste and health. Many people drink bottled water, but using it for bathing and cooking is impractical at best.

Water Filters and Purifiers

It is common to see the terms ‘water filter’ and ‘purifier’ used interchangeably, but they really are two separate things. Each has a role to play in a stafford plumber providing you with healthy and tasty water for your home, and each is available in a variety of forms.

Put simply, a filter removes particulates and other impurities from your home’s supply. It does so by trapping these particles in the filter cartridge and preventing them from leaving the supply pipe or faucet. Water purification systems, on the other hand, use a process that may need a Plumber Stafford Stafford Plumbing Pros, 1405 Garrisonville Rd, Stafford, VA, 22556, 540-307-1149 that removes impurities as well as other contaminants that may be in the supply. In general, home owners whose supply depends on a well should consider one of the many effective purification systems available today.

Types of Drinking Water Filtration Systems

The two most common types of filters for home use are:

  • Charcoal – Uses activated charcoal filtration to remove impurities and improve the taste and smell of your supply; very easy to install.
  • Reverse Osmosis – Uses a three step purification process to remove impurities; a plumber annapolis is a bit more complex to find if you need to install a sump pump or make any other kind of plumbing repairs.

Both common types of purification systems are available in several sizes. For example, point-of-use systems such as counter top and under sink water filters are inexpensive, and generally easy to install in most homes. Many people, though, opt for whole house filtration systems that filter and purify the supply that flows through the entire house. This ensures that your home’s drinking, bathing, laundry, and cooking water are all clean and pure.

How Do I Know Which Method is Best For Me?Home Water Filters and Purifiers

Determining the best water filters and purifiers for your home involves consideration of four things:

  • Initial cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Convenience
  • Ongoing cost of operation

Think about how much money you have to spend on your home water purifier or filtration system and whether you need help to install it. Once in place, how convenient will it be to use and maintain the purifier, or change filters?

Many people fail to consider ongoing cost of operation, so be sure to check on the cost of replacement filters and get a good estimate of how often you will be replacing them. In some cases, the most inexpensive drinking water filters to buy initially are the most expensive to operate long term due to the expense and frequency of filter replacement.

Our Advice

When considering home water filtration and purification systems it is important to understand the difference between filters and purifiers and determine what you actually need in your home. The next step is to decide on the type and size of system you want, taking into account initial cost, installation, convenience, and the ongoing cost of operation. With proper research and careful consideration, you can say goodbye to the expense of bottled water before you know it!

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